Scientists use supercomputers and AI to determine how good (or deadly) your street drugs are

A team of researchers from the University of Victoria have developed an AI system capable of determining the expected chemical makeup of drugs. While it involves supercomputers and a robust cocktail of cloud-based machine learning technologies, the ultimate goal is to make it dead-simple for just about anyone to tell what’s in their drugs. Approximately…

Poor Password Policies Initial Cause of Massive SolarWinds Breach

It is virtually impossible to estimate the scale of the ongoing cyberattack that relied on administrative tools developed by the security vendor SolarWinds, according to a memo released on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, by the Administrative Office (AO) of the U.S. Courts. While we don’t know the scope of the incident, we do know it was the result of poor password policies on the vendor’s end.

2021 Trends in Customer Engagement and Experience

This post is part of G2’s 2021 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on digital transformation trends in an introduction from Michael Fauscette, G2’s chief research officer and Tom Pringle, VP, market research, and additional coverage on trends identified by G2’s analysts.