Reducing Risks of Storing Sensitive Customer Data With Decentralized Identity

Is sensitive customer data an asset or a liability? When we think about the most successful companies in recent years that have leveraged customer data to build competitive advantages—such as the FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google)—we think of customer data as an asset. 

Local SEO For Real Estate Websites

If you’re trying to rank for keywords related to real estate, then you should know how competitive the industry is online. You’re not just going up against other real estate developers, but you’re also going up against listing websites that dominate the SERPs. To make your business stand out, today I will be teaching you…

Armored Brigade’s latest DLC makes it a must-play for armchair generals

Publisher Slitherine and developer Veitikka Studios’ excellent tactical-level strategy war game Armored Brigade recently got its third DLC and it’s a serious game changer. Billed as a “Nation Pack” featuring playable forces from the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia, the impact the latest DLC has on gameplay and overall enjoyability feels incredibly understated. And that’s all thanks…

Site Reliability Engineers and the Software That Supports Them

Digital transformation efforts have become more like digital transformation mandates in the tech world ever since the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the new normal. This has meant a rapid change in the B2B software landscape (although when has that not been the case?) as vendors rise to meet buyer demand for collaborative, hybrid technologies.