Tools to Enhance Your Remote Working Experience

Without a doubt, 2020 was daunting for most people. The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed daily life for many, especially for those who had to adapt to a new work routine in which the office had, overnight, become the couch, bed, or dining table. The complete switch from in-office work to remote was sudden and likely challenging for a lot of people. 

Yummy FTP review – Macworld UK

Yummy FTP full review There are several FTP contenders for the Mac, but few of them as appealing as their PC brethren. Fetch and CyberDuck are favourites of the community. We’re particularly fond of the open source product FileZilla Client, too. It has a great interface and offers a level of reliability and ease of…

The Future of Virtual and Hybrid Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

In the past year, the virtual event software industry has undergone a massive transformation. Before 2020, almost nobody was talking about virtual events. If they were, they may have been referring to webinars, the more passive cousin of virtual events. Most businesses did not have a virtual event strategy in place—conferences, trade shows, and professional meetings were always in-person affairs, after all.