SYSPRO’s Upcoming Cloud ERP Offering: A Preview

SYSPRO, provider of ERP software for manufacturers and distributors, recently held its virtual analyst tour and announced that it will launch SYSPRO Cloud ERP in Q1 2021. This is not a new product, nor an update to their existing ERP software. To understand what it is and why it matters, it’s essential to know the challenges it aims to address.

You need to stop hiring ‘cultural fits’ — remote work has made it obsolete

Two of the most famous characters from Lewis Carol’s Through the Looking Glass are the twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. When Alice encounters them, they ridiculously mirror each other’s actions and words. Each brother frequently says “contrariwise” as if he’s about to disagree with his counterpart, only to inadvertently say the same thing. Unfortunately, far too…