10 Software Categories in High Demand to Support Remote Work

Throughout my time at G2, traffic patterns on G2.com category pages have been one of the most significant data points to monitor. Time and again, the changes in those patterns have proven a good indicator of emerging trends and a strong reflection of change in software markets. The current global crisis caused by COVID-19 is, unsurprisingly, creating a large shift to tools that support remote work.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League exists and it will release on HBO Max

It’s happened. Dedicated DC film fans have finally seen their patience rewarded as Warner will #ReleasetheSnyderCut on its nascent HBO Max streaming service next year. This is real. #releasethesnydercut@HBOMax pic.twitter.com/Cnvupwg48W — Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) May 20, 2020 Director Zach Snyder announced the release during an online watch party (a common social activity people have partaken…

G2 Launches New Software Category for Virtual Event Platforms

At the end of March, we examined the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the events industry. As businesses continue to cancel and postpone their in-person events, event software vendors have been scrambling to accelerate their product roadmaps and release new offerings to help their customers pivot to virtual events.

[Guide] Finding Best Security Outsourcing Alternative for Your Organization

As cyberattacks continue to proliferate in volume and increase in sophistication, many organizations acknowledge that some part of their breach protection must be outsourced, introducing a million-dollar question of what type of service to choose form. Today, Cynet releases the Security Outsourcing Guide (download here), providing IT Security executives with clear and actionable guidance on…