Browsify Lite for operators (Mobile Carriers)

Browsify Lite is a cloud-assisted browser enables operators (Mobile Carriers) to provide a high-quality browsing experience across their device portfolios, while managing data-delivery costs.

Faster_ secure and smoother browsing

Faster, secure and smoother browsing

Browsify Lite compresses webpages by up to 60%, giving operators (Mobile Carriers) the power to be able to offer their customers a faster and smoother mobile internet experience, while not having to worry about congesting their networks due to new users and increased data usage.

Connect with your users

Connect with your users

Browsify Lite’s Speed Dial and Smart Page provide hyper-targeted, real-time and co-branding opportunities as an integrated experience for operators (Mobile Carriers) to connect with their users on a more personal level and drive traffic to their own or partners’ properties.

Browsify Subscription Mobile Store

Enables operators (Mobile Carriers) to offer their customers thousands of premium mobile apps from their own-branded app store, for one subscription fee.

Are you ready to offer “open buffet – all you can eat” apps to your customers under your brand? Browsify’s Subscription Mobile Store gives operators (Mobile Carriers) a virtual turnkey mobile web store which is custom branded. The store is an open catalog with thousands of premium apps available for your customers to browse. With your own subscription-based app store, your customers can download as many apps as they like for one weekly rate. This model is rapidly becoming an industry standard as subscription fees are now outstripping conventional premium sales.

Your own Co-branded app store

Your own Co-branded app store

A mobile-optimized app store with your name on it, the Browsify Subscription Mobile Store is a turnkey solution that radically accelerates your entry to the mobile app market. We help you integrate, optimize and test your store, so you can launch it – now.

A proven_ recurring revenue stream

A proven, recurring revenue stream

A constant rotation of popular apps in the Top Apps list – and throughout the app store catalog – keeps customers coming back for more. The store attracts a high opt-in rate, with its focus on the lifetime value of each subscription.

Open Buffet - All you can eat model

“Open Buffet – All you can eat” model

For just one weekly payment, customers can download all the popular, premium apps they want. This is rapidly becoming an international industry standard. Revenue for all parties is consistently higher than traditional, single premium app sales.

Low maintenance and overhead

Low maintenance and overhead

Under our Co-branding white-label program, Browsify takes care of virtually all of the operational and adLitestrative overhead. We constantly work to improve KPIs, handle developer payments and provide you back-office marketing support.

Browsify Target

Operators (Mobile Carriers) can now easily distribute offers, facilitate content discovery and monetize with highly targeted in-session advertising. Get your unique value proposition back in front of your customers

Mobile operators (Mobile Carriers) really have only two guaranteed, monthly interactions with their customers: the monthly bill, or top-up, and the network signal-strength bars on the device. These two touchpoints often leave customers frustrated and confused and can cast the operator in a negative light. What if operators (Mobile Carriers) could instead take control of conversations with their customers and speak to them in a highly targeted manner that is advantageous to both? Browsify Target lets operators (Mobile Carriers) find new revenues and grow their market share by putting their unique value propositions directly in front of customers.

Offers _ messages from you to your customer

Offers & messages from you to your customer

Browsify Target delivers in-session interstitial content, messaging and offers from the operator within a user’s browsing session – on any browser. This can include data retailing or other operator offers, content and app-download recommendations, advertisements, customer service notifications and more.

Flexible and easy on the network

Flexible and easy on the network

Browsify Target is built upon a flexible, robust architecture – not an inline proxy appliance that requires lots of hardware distributed across the network. Instead, it’s a cloud-based, NFV-ready solution that can be deployed quickly and in a highly targeted manner, using components already in the operator network.

Highly configurable by operators

 Highly configurable by operators (Mobile Carriers)

Browsify Target is highly configurable and on demand. Message, ad or offer frequency is a combination of operator configuration and unique user behavior, and it can combine data from an operator’s billing system and Browsify Target’s traffic monitoring to know when, where and how to deliver the right message to a user.

Browsify Targeted Growth integration

Browsify Targeted Growth integration

Browsify Target is fully integrated with Browsify Targeted Growth, the publisher-agnostic, independent advertising platform. It comes loaded with latest deep-advertising and mobile-monetization expertise.