Nonprofits in the Time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the globe, many nonprofits are left in a precarious financial position due to canceled galas and events—which often constitute a vital portion of yearly fundraising revenue. Furthermore, nonprofits who engage with vulnerable populations through program and service delivery face another challenge: protecting their staff while continuing to help these vulnerable populations access the critical services they need.

How to Strengthen Remote Workforce Security During Crises

The coronavirus health crisis has forced millions of workers (who are able) to transition to working from home. That poses numerous obstacles to workers meeting their deadlines and doing their jobs. Security management and enforcement have become some of the most important and critical transitional needs involved for both workers and their employers. 

TrickBot Mobile App Bypasses 2‐Factor Authentication for Net Banking Services

The malware authors behind TrickBot banking Trojan have developed a new Android app that can intercept one-time authorization codes sent to Internet banking customers via SMS or relatively more secure push notifications, and complete fraudulent transactions. The Android app, called “TrickMo” by IBM X-Force researchers, is under active development and has exclusively targeted German users…