Evolving the Way We Work During a Crisis

Automation and artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, real-time collaboration, 5G, privacy concerns, web-scale data, cybercrime: These are just some of the technology-driven developments shaping the way many of us work.

The unprecedented global challenges we are facing today–at least for the immediate future due to the COVID-19 health crisis–are accelerating this evolution of work. Innovation is often driven out of crisis and can lead to permanent change in the way businesses function. 

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Data Professionals

Remote work isn’t the future. It’s a current reality, with nearly 75% of U.S. workers working remotely at least some of the time, according to Owl Labs’ State of Remote Work 2019 Report. Data scientists and other data professionals are no exception to the rule and are able to bring their work home with them if and when the need, or desire, arises. However, a switch to remote work isn’t as straightforward as simply taking a work laptop home.

Telemedicine’s Critical Role in the COVID-19 Crisis

Imagine you were feeling ill and could chat with your primary care doctor about your symptoms—without having to get up from your couch, without compromising the ongoing social distancing and self-quarantine mandates. This isn’t a newfangled piece of technology that may exist in the future, years from now. This currently exists—has existed in various forms for decades—and it’s called “telemedicine.”